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The old days of distressing recruitment are over, Trabaajo the virtual assistant is a complete pack of solutions for all your recruitment and workforce management related hassles.

Trabaajo is an AI embedded HR platform which simplifies all the hiring process through Smartrecruitment and its astounding Data Analytics. Trabaajo is redefining the HR industry by instilling convenience and efficiency into HR-tech paradigm.

Trabaajo not only eases the hiring processes on the end but also for the candidates. The effective sourcing across the globe and real time video interviews enables a candidate to seek the best-fit jobs and make an informed decision.

Thelearning mechanism based on AI, further facilitates rigorous skill mapping of candidates with the job roles resulting in cultural and job fitness. Trabaajo -The Virtual assistant would be the new and the smartest member in your HR team which would enable you to find, interact, on board and manage your workforce.

How It Began !

It was a moment full of epiphanies when Mr. Arun Kumar (CEO & Founder) and Miss Sunaina Agarwal (ED & Co-Founder) met in a coffee shop. That crazy meeting over a cup of coffee made them realize that Trabaajo is something which HR industry strongly needs and then they decided to take it forward with all their passion and zeal.The meeting was followed by another dozens of discussion at coffee shop, and it literally became their office space for R&D.

Since the inception of Trabaajo, our team has not left a single stone unturned for creating a perfectly well designed platform which is aligned with the industry's need. We call ourselves a group of misfits, complementing each other and never getting too comfortable with our performance, always willing to work better, smarter and harder."

"Trabaajo believes in instilling convenience and efficiency into HR paradigm through technology. Trabaajo has a potential to redefine the HR Industry and create a world of employment where getting a perfect job or hiring the right talent is just a wish away!"

It is enabled with the most advanced AI technologies which helps effective sourcing of the right talent to solve your talent acquisition and workforce optimization concerns.